Quiet Time Nook


My daughter is going to be a year and eight months old come August 9th and she is already teetering on the “Terrible Twos” stage.  Right now it is just constant whining and she’s a bit emotional which she has not been before.

Sometimes she just needs quiet time so I would put her in her bed but she has recently tried to climb out!  So I’m trying to reserve crib time for when she actually sleeps.

So, I’ve been looking around the house for a place to create a nook.  I was thinking of a reading nook (which I still plan on creating!) and that’s when I noticed the linen cabinet.  I moved out the few blankets from the bottom, folded an unused quilt and lined the walls with pillows.

What I really like about this space is that my daughter can open the doors herself and have her quiet time whenever she wants!  It is a different setting so that takes her mind off whatever is bothering her be it the slobbery puppy kisses or not getting her way.

The only thing I have to remind her of is to watch her head, but she knows to be careful!

She likes to take her animals with her!  I’d like to string up some Christmas lights…we’ll see if I can be creative:)


About soonerlady10

I am simply a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, future author...okay not so simply stated. This blog will encompass the various roles that make me the person I am! I will share my experiences in hopes that they may be of help to anyone in need or if one is looking for a good laugh. Life is full of comedy, one of the many factors that make our world so beautiful.

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