Egg Number Game-DIY


My daughter loves to count!  1-10 and over again.  I created this egg matching game to create a little challenge for her.  She says her numbers 1-10 well, and is even working on 11-20.  She will count her toys but now I want her to visually see the numbers and to match them together.

The Egg Number Game is simple!!  Just label some Easter eggs (I seem to always have them around after Easter!) and label an egg carton.

Number the eggs and carton

Now it becomes a puzzle!  My daughter had fun just putting the eggs from the basket to the carton, and didn’t really match the numbers yet, haha.  It will be fun watching her figure it out!

It is a game with many advantages: you can use eggs and a carton for color identification, aid in dexterity and it is just a simple but fun activity!

She did it!!!  Not really, I helped:)

Fun with Numbers!


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