Quest Marker for the classroom!


I happen to play a few video games, a favorite being Skyrim (thanks to my bro!).  Well, several of my students are gamers and were impressed with my knowledge (limited mind you) on some of the games.

One day in the hallway during passing time as I was standing with fellow teachers, two of my students walked by, very slowly and said, “Mrs. Cole, we are over-encumbered!” as they made their way to my room for class.  I busted out laughing!  (It’s a reference to Skyrim)

I try to learn a little bit about my students interests.  It creates a bond which I believe is essential as a teacher.

A few weeks before school ended I added a “Quest Marker” above my door.  I knew my gamers would like this and it does have a message…their quest for learning which can be found in my room!

It is very simple.  Just search “quest marker” in Google images, print, cut and adhere to your door!  Not everybody will get it, but those who do will think you are pretty “cool!”


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