The little things for everyday


Organizing a toddler’s toys…challenge accepted!  I didn’t want to put certain toys in my daughter’s big toy box, for example toys that are pieces to a set.  I had been trying to think of a solution when I stumbled upon an empty wet wipes container and I found my solution!

Huggies sells decorative containers or you could spice it up yourself using scrapbook paper, paint or contact paper.




I also found a quick solution to those baby items like lotion, q-tips, butt paste, etc. I had a shower rack that didn’t work for its original purpose, but it came in handy for the baby items!



About soonerlady10

I am simply a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, future author...okay not so simply stated. This blog will encompass the various roles that make me the person I am! I will share my experiences in hopes that they may be of help to anyone in need or if one is looking for a good laugh. Life is full of comedy, one of the many factors that make our world so beautiful.

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