At 7 months…It’s Starting!


My daughter loves her walker.  She can’t walk yet and is still working with the mechanics of crawling, so this is her way of mobility.  She travels all over the living and into the kitchen.  All sockets are covered and cabinets can not yet be broken into so I feel comfortable with her travels around the house.

She does however have a fascination with chip bags which are kept on a shelf under a little cart by our refrigerator.  We have had some minor battles with leaving the bags alone (I have yet to find a replacement location) and for the most part she doesn’t bother them.

Today however was a new experience for me.  I had just finished unloading the dishwasher (and my daughter so kindly wanted to help but it just wasn’t desired) and I was cleaning a few breakfast dishes when I heard the familiar crackling of a chip bag.  I looked over to see her LOOKING at me!  She was waiting for me to stop her!!  She smiled at me, and intensified her attempted destruction of the bag!

I couldn’t believe it!  It’s already starting, the ancient old process of the child testing his/her limits.  Seven months old…we’ve got a long way to go!

Caught in the act!


About soonerlady10

I am simply a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, future author...okay not so simply stated. This blog will encompass the various roles that make me the person I am! I will share my experiences in hopes that they may be of help to anyone in need or if one is looking for a good laugh. Life is full of comedy, one of the many factors that make our world so beautiful.

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