Morning walks


My daughter loves her morning walks. She can actually be cranky if she does not get her daily stroller rides! It’s great for me because I can get some exercise in my busy days.  Oh baby weight loss…that’s another story!

In today’s world however it is a bit nerve-racking! I feel like I’m always on the look out for potential dangers, sounds a bit paranoid I realize, but I am a mom now and will do anything to ensure the safety of my daughter.  The news and media is littered with tragedies of horrible accidents and death.  Wonder why a mom would be paranoid??

One complaint I have in regards to m

y neighborhood is the lack if consideration for walkers, runners or just children at play. Cars hardly ever slow down when passing me and my baby who is clearly visible in her stroller! They are going so fast and often times distracted by cell phones!  Sometimes I can even hear them increase their acceleration!  There is not a speed limit sign posted in my neighborhood and I wonder if it would be obeyed.  I hate speed bumps but I understand their purpose!  We try to stay on the side walk but there is only one section of sidewalk in the neighborhood.

What should be a carefree activity is now something of caution. I can only imagine how it will be when we begin going to the park!

We do love our walks!!!  Maybe I should in

vest in side mirrors on the stroller!

Do you have any stories of inconsiderate drives or people when you are with your children?


About soonerlady10

I am simply a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, future author...okay not so simply stated. This blog will encompass the various roles that make me the person I am! I will share my experiences in hopes that they may be of help to anyone in need or if one is looking for a good laugh. Life is full of comedy, one of the many factors that make our world so beautiful.

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