Quiet Time Nook


My daughter is going to be a year and eight months old come August 9th and she is already teetering on the “Terrible Twos” stage.  Right now it is just constant whining and she’s a bit emotional which she has not been before.

Sometimes she just needs quiet time so I would put her in her bed but she has recently tried to climb out!  So I’m trying to reserve crib time for when she actually sleeps.

So, I’ve been looking around the house for a place to create a nook.  I was thinking of a reading nook (which I still plan on creating!) and that’s when I noticed the linen cabinet.  I moved out the few blankets from the bottom, folded an unused quilt and lined the walls with pillows.

What I really like about this space is that my daughter can open the doors herself and have her quiet time whenever she wants!  It is a different setting so that takes her mind off whatever is bothering her be it the slobbery puppy kisses or not getting her way.

The only thing I have to remind her of is to watch her head, but she knows to be careful!

She likes to take her animals with her!  I’d like to string up some Christmas lights…we’ll see if I can be creative:)


Egg Number Game-DIY


My daughter loves to count!  1-10 and over again.  I created this egg matching game to create a little challenge for her.  She says her numbers 1-10 well, and is even working on 11-20.  She will count her toys but now I want her to visually see the numbers and to match them together.

The Egg Number Game is simple!!  Just label some Easter eggs (I seem to always have them around after Easter!) and label an egg carton.

Number the eggs and carton

Now it becomes a puzzle!  My daughter had fun just putting the eggs from the basket to the carton, and didn’t really match the numbers yet, haha.  It will be fun watching her figure it out!

It is a game with many advantages: you can use eggs and a carton for color identification, aid in dexterity and it is just a simple but fun activity!

She did it!!!  Not really, I helped:)

Fun with Numbers!

Quest Marker for the classroom!


I happen to play a few video games, a favorite being Skyrim (thanks to my bro!).  Well, several of my students are gamers and were impressed with my knowledge (limited mind you) on some of the games.

One day in the hallway during passing time as I was standing with fellow teachers, two of my students walked by, very slowly and said, “Mrs. Cole, we are over-encumbered!” as they made their way to my room for class.  I busted out laughing!  (It’s a reference to Skyrim)

I try to learn a little bit about my students interests.  It creates a bond which I believe is essential as a teacher.

A few weeks before school ended I added a “Quest Marker” above my door.  I knew my gamers would like this and it does have a message…their quest for learning which can be found in my room!

It is very simple.  Just search “quest marker” in Google images, print, cut and adhere to your door!  Not everybody will get it, but those who do will think you are pretty “cool!”

Beasts of the Southern Wild


I saw a trailer for this film a few weeks ago and I’m stunned with the cinematography just from the trailer!  Looking forward to seeing this!!  Already impressed with the little actress, Quvenzhané Wallis.


What is this about?

“Faced with her father’s fading health and environmental changes that release an army of prehistoric creatures called aurochs, six-year-old Hushpuppy leaves her Delta-community home in search of her mother.” IMDB



Beasts of the Southern Wild

The little things for everyday


Organizing a toddler’s toys…challenge accepted!  I didn’t want to put certain toys in my daughter’s big toy box, for example toys that are pieces to a set.  I had been trying to think of a solution when I stumbled upon an empty wet wipes container and I found my solution!

Huggies sells decorative containers or you could spice it up yourself using scrapbook paper, paint or contact paper.




I also found a quick solution to those baby items like lotion, q-tips, butt paste, etc. I had a shower rack that didn’t work for its original purpose, but it came in handy for the baby items!


Educational Conferences


Professional development, conferences, lectures…these bring joy and dread to the teacher. I have been to some awesome prof. development and conferences…good speakers and applicable information is a must!!!

I have been to some with dull speakers or ones who talk to a room of professionals like we were in 3rd grade! This is when my bad student side is revealed. I find myself on my phone, writing notes, and making fun of my “teachers.” These bad speakers do offer one thing, they help improve myself, to learn NOT to act as they do.



“Now fades the last long streak of snow,
Now burgeons every maze of quick
About the flowering sqares, and thick
By ashen roots the violets blow.”
~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Alan Jackson sang, “Where were you when the world stopped turning, on that September day…”  We all remember, we watched in horror, we cried and we persevered. Ten years has gone by since that horrific day.  I met my husband, graduated high school, graduated college, married and had a baby.  So much has occurred in the past ten years, yet it seems it was just the other day the news was constantly covering Ground Zero and updating the American people about the attacks.  This morning I watched the coverage over the 10th Anniversary.  I listened to people who survived remember the ones that did not and now I have a different perspective.  Being a mother now, I can only imagine what those mothers and fathers went through in losing a child.  It has to be the worst thing one can experience.  How do people move on from such a loss?

When reading Night last year, my students were shocked by what the author, Elie Wiesel experienced. A few asked why are you making us read this?  So we never forget what hatred can do to a society, to the world, so we can prevent such acts.  They realized the strength it took for him to write, to relive what he went through.  I fine myself learning from this lesson today.  I don’t want to think about 9/11, it makes me think what potential dangers could happen to my daughter.  I’m terrified.  But I have to remember, I have to teach her what hatred can do so she can survive.

Peace on Earth.